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Hiking Club

Group off-leash hiking for dogs who already have some of the basics down. We will meet at a trailhead in Stanwood in an area that allows off-leash hiking. Hiking is a great outlet for dogs, allowing them freedom to run, play, and be a dog out in nature. This will be a training hike. You will learn skills such as passing other dogs on the path, recalling your dog, rewarding check ins, and much more.

Our hikes are appropriate for dogs of all ages, even young puppies. We will be hiking at a pace that works for the whole group and most of our hikes will have minimal elevation gains and be 1-2.5 miles long depending on the group.

Hiking Club is $30 per hike or you can buy a punch card for multiple hikes. $125 for 5 hikes or $250 for 10 hikes.

If you are unsure if Hiking Club is the right fit for you dog, please reach out to me to set up a private assessment on the trails at my home in Stanwood, WA. Private assessments are $60.

Please let me know if you are interesting in hiking club but none of the dates work for your schedule. I will do my best to accommodatevarious schedules.

Hiking dogs
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