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Definition: Willing to take bold risks; a courage or confidence that other people find shocking.

About Me

About Me

Audacity Dogs Hiking Club

Audacity Dogs Hiking Club was created to help give dogs the opportunity to get out in nature and just be dogs. After spending many years working with dogs in a wide variety of settings I have found there are some big gaps missing in many pet dogs' lives. The option to decompress out in nature and the freedom to make their own good choices without being overly micromanaged. As humans we are constantly making choices for our dogs, controlling most of their daily life. Dogs are lacking in the ability to self regulate and settle at home on their own, often because they are always told what to do and not give the opportunity to get outside and just be a dog.

Our pet dogs are either at home most of the day and given 1-2 short walks around the neighborhood on a leash, walking on cement. Or sent to overstimulating daycares where they are bombarded by large groups of dogs and expected to play with each other all day with little to no structure. While both of these options can work for some dogs, for the majority this is not an appropriate outlet for decompressing and being able to fully move their bodies like they are meant to. I firmly believe that dogs need more opportunities to exercise while playing outside with clear boundaries and rules to facilitate healthy interactions with other dogs. Dogs who receive appropriate play, exercise, and decompression are happier and more relaxed in the home.

Hiking Club gives your dog the opportunity to decompress and exercise while socializing with other dogs in a unique environment. Shuttle to and from your home, Garmin GPS collars, and tasty training treats are included with every hike. We hike your dog rain or shine, so you don't have to. Pack hikes are limited to 5-7 dogs and include 1-2 of my own dogs to help teach new Hiking Club members good habits. 

Licensed, bonded, & insured.

Discounted 1st Hike for New Clients: $50

Hiking Club Rate: $60 

Hiking Club 5 Hike Package: $265

Hiking Club 10 Hike Package: $500

To get started with Hiking Club, please fill out our application. Currently accepting new applications for May/June 2024.

Audacity Dog Training

Along with Off-Leash Hiking Audacity Dogs also provides dog training with Private, Group, and Board & Train options.

I am here to coach you to train your dogs with modern, science based methods. I am dedicated to creating a positive and lasting relationship between you and your furry friend. I use only positive reinforcement techniques and work with you to create a personalized training plan that fits your dog's specific needs and personality. I am here to help you learn to better communicate with your dog and advocate for your dog in order to help them navigate our human-centered world.

I firmly believe that a dog is a part of the family which means that training the dog usually means that the whole family is involved. I also am passionate about helping people teach their children how their behavior impacts their dogs' behavior and how to teach and create boundaries to keep everyone in the household happy and safe. 

I am proud to serve Snohomish County and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a training session, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Audacity Dog Training LLC is licensed, bonded, & insured.

My name is Brittany Clem and I am the owner and founder of Audacity Dog Training. I grew up in Snohomish County and have lived in the area most of my life. I have always enjoyed working with my own dogs and animals, even as a young child. I've been a lifelong animal lover and dog enthusiast, but my OBSESSION for dogs and training started in my mid twenties when I discovered well-bred Australian Shepherds.


I have worked with dogs for over a decade in many different environments including boarding and doggy daycare. I enjoy helping people learn to effectively communicate with their dogs while building their relationship. My goal is to help people create focused and confident dogs that are enjoyable to live, play, and relax with both at home and on the go. I stick to positive reinforcement training methods.

I train and compete with my own dogs in ASCA and AKC conformation, obedience, rally, herding, agility, and dock diving. I share my home with my spouse, two young children (5 & 9 years old), and 7 Australian Shepherds. In my free time I enjoy hiking, swimming, reading, and playing board games. 

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