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Private Training

Private lessons are available to help resolve challenging behaviors, work on specific skills, and get 1-on-1 personal attention to achieve goals. My private lessons are tailored to accommodate dogs of all ages and skill levels. During the lessons I will work with you to address any specific training challenges, concerns, or goals. The location of private training sessions will be at your house, a local park, or at my home in Stanwood depending on your needs.

Here are some examples of things that can be worked on in private lessons:​
  • ​Biting, growling, or other aggressive behavior towards dogs and people

  • Growling/biting to protect toys, food, bones, etc. (resource guarding)

  • Sport dog foundations and skills

  • Off leash skills

  • Fighting with other dogs (in the family or elsewhere)

  • Aggression, frustration, or reactivity toward other dogs on leash

  • Separation Anxiety, destruction, or other trouble being home alone

  • Fearful behaviors

  • Demand barking or barking in the car

  • Pulling on leash, jumping up, not coming when called, etc.

  • Basic Skills  (sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, focusing around distractions)

  • Trouble with grooming, vet visits, or body handling

  • Crate or car aversion

  • Pulling on leash, jumping up, not coming when called, etc.

  • Help with establishing a routine when bringing a puppy into the home

  • Positive puppy exploration of new places

  • Puppy biting, jumping, arousal control

  • Loose leash walking skills and focusing around distractions

  • Leave it, drop it, counter surfing, mat/settle work

  • Help shy puppies build confidence with new environments or people

Private lessons are $75/hour + travel if outside the Stanwood/Smokey Point area

Mess dachshund puppy was left at home alone, started making a mess. Pet tore up furniture
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